Guidelines on "How to Post an Event"

Guidelines on "How to Post and Event"

Guidelines on "How to Post an Event" to the MHPG Events Page 

To abide by ASRM guidelines, fertility counseling events of interest to our community will now be posted on an events page separate from the MHPG discussion board.  Please see "Events of Interest" under the "Events" tab on the MHPG website.

We invite MHPG members to share with the community fertility counseling events and trainings with which they are involved.  These include: 

  • Educational events, such as lectures, talks, seminars, and courses that are sponsored by nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organizations and/or academic institutions
  • Achievements or awards received
  • Board or volunteer appointments

MHPG members may also post twice a calendar year about for-profit fertility counseling trainings they may offer.  Note that only trainings offered by MHPG members will be posted.  To post a for-profit training, please include: 

  • Who is offering the training
  • Who will benefit financially from the training
  • Your licensure
  • If/how participants can receive CE credits
  • A statement that this training is not endorsed or sponsored by MHPG or ASRM

Please note that posts about training opportunities will not be shared in the months leading up to the ASRM Scientific Congress (July, Aug, Sept, Oct). 

To post an event, email the following to the E-Communications Committee chair (currently Sheryl Fitzgerald –, who will post the event on your behalf to the "Events of Interest" page of the MHPG website. 

  • Write a brief description of the event abiding by the guidelines above.
  • Attach relevant materials in the form of a PDF.
  • Please send us events to post as early as possible as the page is updated every two weeks.

Monthly reminders to check the "Events on Interest" page will be posted to the MHPG discussion board by the E-Communications Committee.