Mentoring Program

Welcome to the New Mentoring Program


The Mentoring Program has been created to provide less experienced members of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) with the opportunity to be mentored by experienced social workers, counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who have extensive proficiency in helping individuals and couples with their fertility journey.  Mentoring helps to uphold the highest standards of practice in our profession and enhances the collegiality of our group. We would require that prior to applying, all applicants complete all three modules and send in their certificates with their application. 


Our newly revamped program will be in a group format.  Mentees will be able to participate in three different mentoring groups over the course of the mentoring year.  The groups will meet once a month for three months and will focus on a specific topic.  Mentees will be able to sign up for their preferred group through Sign Up Genius, with sign-ups for taking place prior to each three-month cycle.  The groups will take place in these time periods: April – June, September – November, and January – March.  Meetings will be held on a teleconferencing platform.  Mentors will set the date and time for their group.


As space in the program is limited, mentees who meet the qualifications will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis while space is available.  The number of spaces in the program will be based on the number of mentors available.  Participation in the Mentoring Program is reserved for first-time Mentees only, and each cohort of Mentees will be in the program for one year.


The Mentoring Program makes a clear and distinct differentiation between supervision and mentoring. Supervision is a formal, paid relationship involving a contract between a supervisor and a supervisee, and supervisors assume liability for the cases they supervise.  In supervision, discussion involves specific clinical cases, typically occurs face-to-face, and usually involves a fee.  The MHPG mentorship agreement is a voluntary, informal relationship between the Mentors and Mentees that offers general advice, support, and discussion surrounding broad issues, and is not supervision on clinical cases.  There is no charge to participate.

Mentor Applicants: A Mentor candidate must have a minimum of five years of experience as an infertility counselor.  They must be a member in good standing of both ASRM and MHPG.  Mentors must be licensed as a mental health practitioner in the state in which they practice.  Mentors must have attended at least two ASRM Annual Conventions and/or Pre-Congress Courses.  MHPG will have a Zoom account, so that Mentors are not required to have their own account.  They may use their own group teleconferencing account if they wish.  Mentors have the option of presenting a group with an MHPG colleague.  Both members would need to complete the application and note that you plan to work together.


Mentee Applicants: A Mentee candidate must be a member in good standing of both ASRM and MHPG for at least one year and must be licensed to practice independently, without the requirement of supervision, in the state where they practice. Mentees must have completed MHPG Training Modules 1 and 2.  Mentees wishing to participate in groups focusing on third-party reproduction must also complete Training Module.


To Apply: Applications will be available on the Education tab of the MHPG website, as well as on the bottom of the home page.  Please print and complete the application.  Scan and e-mail the application to