Mentoring Program

The application process is now open, and the review of applications will begin in August 2018. Matches will be completed by 2018 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo.


The mentoring program has been created to provide less experienced members of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned social workers, counselors, therapists, and psychologists who are already involved in helping infertile individuals and couples.  It helps enhance the collegiality of the group and helps uphold standards of practice for our profession.

This service is offered free of charge.

MENTORS provide general advice and discussion about broad topics encountered by MHPG members such as:

  • Setting up an infertility private practice
  • How to market one's services
  • How to conduct psychological research
  • How to work with the medical team,
  • General clinical issues involved in infertility counseling, i.e. decision making about medical treatments, grieving, testing, evaluations, adoption issues, etc. 
  • How to conduct donor and recipient screening.

No individual case supervision is offered though the mentoring relationship.

MENTEES will receive up to two hours of contact per month, unless otherwise agreed upon with their Mentor.

Mentor Applicants

A Mentor candidate must have a minimum of five years experience as an infertility counselor and as a current and active member of the Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM and must be licensed as a mental health practitioner in the state in which they practice.  Mentors must be current members in MHPG and ASRM and are strongly encouraged to participate in MHPG committees.

Mentors must have attended at least two ASRM-sponsored training programs (e.g. ASRM Annual Meeting, ASRM-sponsored CEU programs) in addition to continuing education specifically provided for infertility medical and mental health professionals (e.g. SEEDS conference, Ooctye Donor Conference, Jefferson Conference).


A Mentee candidate must be an active and current (paid) member of the Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM and must be licensed as a mental health practitioner in the state in which they practice or a student in an accredited program.  Mentees are encouraged to take an active role in MHPG committees.

Mentees must have attended at least one ASRM-sponsored training program/annual meetings or an equivalent continuing education specifically in infertility counseling (e.g. SEEDS conference, Ooctye Donor Conference, Jefferson Conference).

Supervision vs. Mentoring

The Mentoring Program makes a clear and distinct differentiation between supervision and mentoring. Supervision is a formal, paid relationship involving a contract between a supervisor and supervisee and supervisors assume liability for the cases they supervise. In supervision, discussion involves specific clinical cases, typically occurs face-to-face, and usually involves a fee.  The MHPG mentorship agreement is a voluntary, informal relationship between the Mentors and Mentees that offers general advice and discussion surrounding broad issues and not specific clinical cases.  The communication between the two parties can be via e-mail, phone, videoconference or, where possible, in person.  It is encouraged that email communication be reserved for administrative issues.  Mentors and Mentees agree to participate in mentoring, not supervision, during the course of their twelve month pairing.

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Notification of mentoring opportunities will be made via ASRM MHPG discussion forum, via MHPG Newsletters, and announcements at ASRM Scientific Congress & Expos.