MHPG Resources for Adults

This list was revised by the MHPG Education Resources Committee, 2021-2022. Contributors (in alphabetical order): Carrie Eichberg, PhD, Stephanie Lane-Hicks, LPC, ATR-BC., Jen Noonan, LPC, Katharine L. Rowny, PsyD.

Please note that the following resources are intended for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for the advice or guidance of a licensed healthcare professional. The presence of any particular item on this list does not represent an official endorsement or opinion of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) or the ASRM’s Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG).

The resources below are listed in alphabetical order. An asterisk indicates the book was written by a current or former member of the MHPG.


Cranshaw, M., & Balen, R. (2010). Adopting After Infertility: Practice, Research and Personal Experience. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Johnston, P.I. (2008). Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families. Perspectives Press.

 Pavao, J. (2005). The Family of Adoption: Completely Revised and Updated. Beacon Press.


Child Free Living

Carlini, D. & Davidman, A. (2016). Motherhood: Is it for Me?: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Clarity. Transformation Books. 

Carter, J.W., & Carter, M. (1998). Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile and Start Living Again. Perspectives Press.

Day, J. (2020). Living the Life Unexpected: How to find hope, meaning, and a fulfilling future without children. Bluebird.

Hepburn, J. (2013). The Pursuit of Motherhood. Troubadour Publishing.

Mahoney Tsigdinos, P. (2009). Silent Sorority: A Barren Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost and Found. BookSurge Publishing.

Manterfield, L. (2010). I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home. Steel Rose Press.

Manterfield, L. (2016). Life Without Baby: Surviving and Thriving When Motherhood Doesn’t Happen. Steel Rose Press.

Scott, L. (2010). Two is Enough: A Couples Guide to Living Childless by Choice. Seal Press.


Murnane, J. (2021). Know Your Endo: An Empowering Guide to Health and Hope With Endometriosis. Avery.

Kerin Orbuck, I., & Stein, A. (2021). Beating Endo: How to Reclaim Your Life from Endometriosis. Harper Wave.

Seckin, T. (2016). The Doctor Will See You Now: Recognizing and Treating Endometriosis. Turner.

General Fertility/Infertility

* Bergman, K. & Petok, B. (2021). Psychological and Medical Perspectives on Fertility Care and Sexual Health. Elsevier.


Blitzer, B. (2011). The Infertility Workbook: A Mind-Body Program to Enhance Fertility, Reduce Stress, and Maintain Emotional Balance. New Harbinger Publications, Inc.


Boggs, B. (2016). The Art of Waiting: On Fertility, Medicine, and Motherhood. Graywolf Press. 


Charlesworth, L. (2004). The Couple's Guide to In Vitro Fertilization: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Chances of Success. Da Capo Press.


Currier Nadeau, J. (2007). The Empty Picture Frame: An Inconceivable Journey Through Infertility. Outskirts Press.


Devine, M. (2017). It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand. Sounds True, Inc.

 * Domar, A.D., & Lesch K. (2009). Be Happy Without Being Perfect: How to Break Free From the Perfection Deception. Harmony.

* Domar, A.D., & Lesch K. (2004). Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar's Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility. Penguin Books.

* Domar, A.D. (1997). Healing Mind, Healthy Woman: Using the Mind/Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life. Delta.

*Domar, A.D. (2001). Self-Nurture: Learning to Care for Yourself as Effectively as You Care for Everyone Else. Penguin Books.

*Domar, A.D. (co-authored with Drs. Barbieri and Loughlin) (2001). Six Steps to Increased Fertility: An Integrated Medical and Mind/Body Approach to Promote Conception. Atria Books.


Fett, R. (2014). It Starts with the Egg: How the Science of Egg Quality Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally, Prevent Miscarriage, and Improve Your Odds in IVF. Franklin Fox Publishing.


*Flemmons, J. (2018). Infertility and PTSD: The Uncharted Storm. Create Space.

Jones, C. (2013). Managing the Stress of Infertility: How to Balance Your Emotions, Get the Support You Need, and Deal with Painful Social Situations When You’re Trying to Become Pregnant. Self-published.

* Jaffe, J., & Diamond, D. & M. (2005). Unsung Lullabies: Understanding and Coping with Infertility. St. Martin’s Griffin, NY.


Madeira, J.L. (2017). Taking Baby Steps: How Patients and Fertility Clinics Collaborate in Conception. University of California Press.


Orenstein, P. (2007). Waiting for Daisy: A Tale of Two Continents, Three religions, Five Infertility Doctors, an Oscar, an Atomic Bomb, a Romantic Night, and One Woman’s Quest to Become a Mother. Bloomsbury.


Swire-Falker, E. (2004). The Infertility Survival Handbook. Riverhead Trade. 


Male Factor Infertility

How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup by Greg Wolfe (2010).

 Schover, L. R., & Thomas Jr, A. J. (1999). Overcoming male infertility. Wiley.

Parenting After Infertility

Sarasohn Glazer, E. (1998). The Long-Awaited Stork: A Guide to Parenting After Infertility. Jossey-Bass.


Parenting Over 40

Nagel, D. (2002). But I Don’t Feel Too Old to be a Mommy!: The Complete Sourcebook for Starting (and Re-Starting) Motherhood Beyond 35 and After 40. HCI.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Grassi, A., & Mattei, S. (2009). The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health. Luca Publishing.

Vliet, E.L., (2006). The Savvy Woman’s Guide To PCOS. The Savvy Woman’s Guide Publishing, Inc.


Pregnancy After Infertility

 *Domar, A.D., & Curry Oakes, S. (2016). Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom. Penguin Random House.


Secondary Infertility

 Fishman Simons, H. (2007). Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility. Jossey-Bass, Incorporated Publishers.

 * Noonan, J. (2015). In Due Time. A Journey Through Infertility, Loss and Embracing the Unknown. Mission Bay Press.