Full membership is extended to ALL current active members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine who are interested in fostering the goals of the ASRM and the GCPG. Members may attend all general meetings, vote, chair GCPG subcommittees, or be on a subcommittee.  Members may be invited to represent the GCPG on ASRM committees. Nominees for GCPG executive leadership positions must have a Master’s degree in genetic counseling.

The GCPG dues payment is $30 annually and covers membership in the GCPG.  These dues are paid in addition to annual dues of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.  Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, the right to vote in annual and special elections, hold office, receive all official publications of the GCPG, receive automatic subscription to the official website of GCPG, and more.

Application for membership may be made by submission of an application in writing to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine on the form provided by the Society or Membership Committee and payment of the Society's annual dues upon notification of membership approval. Application for membership also may be submitted online at