2022-2023 GCPG Officers

Rachel Donnell, MM Sc, CGC, Chair: Rachel is a Certified Genetic Counselor with four years of clinical experience in the infertility setting. She graduated cum laude with her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and received her Master of Medical Science in human genetics and genetic counseling from Emory University School of Medicine. Rachel currently serves as the genetic counselor at Seattle Reproductive Medicine, where she counsels patients seeking PGT for aneuploidies and inherited genetic conditions. Her primary interests include counseling patients about mosaicism and promoting the value of genetic counseling in the fertility clinic.

Jenna Miller, MS, CGC, Chair-Elect: Jenna Miller is a board-certified genetic counselor with a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and Biotechnology from Brigham Young University and a Master of Science degree in Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College. Jenna began her career in 2014 at the biotech startup Recombine, where she provided genetic counseling and performed clinical diagnostics for expanded carrier screening. She has been CooperSurgical’s clinical science liaison since 2017. In this role, Jenna travels North America educating healthcare providers about genomics within ART. She regularly collaborates with patient organizations like Resolve and also leads CooperSurgical’s IVF outcome data collection efforts. Jenna is passionate about genomics education, fertility advocacy, and ethical approaches to genomic testing.

Amber Gamma, MS, CGC, Vice-Chair: Amber Gamma is a certified genetic counselor at Northwell Health Fertility. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Molecular Genetics from the University of Alberta, Canada and then went on to train at Sarah Lawrence College’s Joan H. Marks Program in Human Genetics for her Masters in Science. Amber has five years’ experience in reproductive genetic counseling and previously worked as a genetic counselor at Recombine (later acquired by CooperGenomics). Amber’s professional interests include the value of in-house genetic counselors at fertility clinics, expanded carrier screening and mosaicism on PGT-A.

Dina Nusblat, MS, CGC, Secretary/Treasurer: Dina Nusblat is a lead laboratory genetic counselor with CooperGenomics, a CooperSurgical Company.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Delaware and her master’s in genetic counseling from Arcadia University.  She has been practicing as a genetic counselor specializing in PGT for over seven years with her primary focus being PGT-M.  Dina has authored numerous abstracts and presentations focusing on PGT.  


Lauren Isley, MS, CGC, Immediate Past Chair:  Lauren is a Clinical Science Liaison at Generate Life Sciences, a company that provides reproductive tissue and donor gamete services, as well as newborn stem cell storage.  Lauren received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and went on to earn her Masters of Science in genetic counseling from Wayne State University.  She has worked in various roles in assisted reproduction including preimplantation genetic testing and gamete donor screening and served as the former chair of the ART/Infertility SIG of NSGC.  She is passionate about issues surrounding genetic screening of gamete donors and education of recipients, as well as promoting the integration of genetic counselors into the field of assisted reproduction.

Jennifer Luque, MGC, CGC, Past Chair: Jennifer has focused her entire career as a genetic counselor in the setting of infertility and assisted reproduction. She has previously worked as a PGT-M counselor at CooperGenomics, and currently works as a Medical Science Liaison for Progenity where, among other topics, she specializes in provider education surrounding preconception carrier screening. Jennifer received her Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College and Master’s in genetic counseling from the University of Maryland. She has presented research at several local and national conferences, including ASRM, and has served as a lecturer and supervisor for both undergraduate and graduate students. Jennifer’s professional interests include PGT-M and expanded carrier screening, and she is passionate about access to genetic technology to allow all individuals to achieve their family building goals.