ARM announces the new Mentoring Program

The ARM Board of Directors is thrilled to introduce the ARM Mentoring Program, an exciting opportunity for members to connect, share knowledge, and foster professional growth within our community. The program is designed to pair experienced members (mentors) with those seeking to learn more about specific areas (mentees). Please find the instructions below to participate in this valuable mentoring experience:

  •   Express Interest:

If you are interested in participating as either a mentor or mentee, kindly fill out the Mentor Request Form.

  •   Eligibility:

To be part of the ARM Mentoring Program, ARM membership is required.

  •   Matching Process:

ARM will carefully match mentors with mentees based on areas of expertise, interests, and goals.

Expect an email notification with details about your mentoring match.

  •   In-Person Connection:

We will host our first official ARM Mentoring Program event at the ARM&NPG meeting to facilitate in-person connections.

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting opportunity!

  •   Mentor Request Form:

Click here to complete the Mentor Request Form to express your interest and provide the necessary details.

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