SRS Surgical Scholars Track

The SRS Surgical Scholars Track is a specialized pathway embedded within a traditional 3-year REI fellowship that fellows may elect to pursue at approved sites to enhance their reproductive surgical skills. The SRS Surgical Scholars Track will provide structured surgical training, core surgical education, and completion of a fellowship thesis related to reproductive surgery within the REI fellowship.

It is designed to:

  • Provide structured surgical training and expertise in perioperative management in the field of minimally invasive reproductive surgery.
    • Establish surgical competencies and procedure logs for uniform assessment and development of highly-skilled surgeons.
    • Emphasis will be on minimally invasive reproductive techniques.
  • Promote high-quality basic science, translational, and clinical research in reproductive surgery which will be presented at the ASRM Congress annually by graduating fellows.
  • Ensure a shared core didactic curriculum in reproductive surgery among SRS Surgical Scholars.
  • Facilitate mentorship and networking among trainees seeking a career in reproductive surgery.
    • Identify graduates of the SRS Surgical Scholars Track as possessing specialized qualifications to pursue surgically-oriented employment.
  • Establish a network of reproductive surgery centers for collaborative research efforts.

The SRS Surgical Scholars track serves to add diversity in expertise among reproductive endocrinologists that will foster innovation in treatment for conditions related to infertility. It will provide the opportunity for fellows to confidently pursue a clinical focus on reproductive surgery and is suited for the fellow with goals to be the primary referral surgeon within his/her future practice.

The SRS Surgical Scholars track is well-timed with recent changes in the REI fellowship structure that will now allow 6 months of elective time for REI fellows along with 12 months of research and 18 months of clinical time.

Please contact the SRS Administrator, Megan Miller, for more details or to apply.