SRS Surgical Scholars Track

The SRS Surgical Scholars Track is a specialized pathway embedded within a traditional 3-year REI fellowship that fellows may elect to pursue at approved sites to enhance their reproductive surgical skills. The SRS Surgical Scholars Track will provide structured surgical training, core surgical education, and completion of a fellowship thesis related to reproductive surgery within the REI fellowship.

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SRS-SREI Surgical Boot Camp

The SRS-SREI Surgical Boot Camp is an annual hands-on training activity for a small group of REI fellows from around the U.S. Designed to help fellows improve their surgical skills and learn how to incorporate reproductive surgery into their career aspirations, the Boot Camp agenda includes a mix of lectures and hands-on labs, with activities such as laparoscopic suturing with box trainers, multiple hysteroscopic training activities, a robotic surgery station, a microsurgery lab, and laparoscopic procedures with tissue models.

The SRS-SREI Surgical Boot Camp provides an important opportunity for REI fellows to receive hands-on training in reproductive surgery, connect with expert surgeons, and network among peers.

For more information about the SRS-SREI Surgical Boot Camp, contact Megan Miller at mmiller@asrm.org.

SRS-SREI Surgical Boot Camp

SRS-SREI Surgical Boot Camp

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SRS is an affiliated society of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). For more information about ASRM, visit www.asrm.org.