Membership Benefits

The Society of Reproductive Surgeons (SRS) was founded in 1984 to serve as a forum for members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) with a special interest and competency in reproductive surgery.  The SRS strives to promote excellence in gynecologic and reproductive surgery by providing and encouraging professional and lay education and by fostering research.  By achieving these goals, it is the belief that this Society will assure the highest quality of patient care.

Membership in the SRS is open to all active members of ASRM with special interest and competency in reproductive surgery. Apply for Membership in the SRS at the ASRM Website. 

Active Membership in the Society shall consist of individuals with special competency and/or expertise in reproductive surgery as evidenced by their special training, practice, and recognized contributions to the field.

Associate Membership shall include physicians, scientists, and others in the profession who are not surgeons but who have contributed to and worked in the allied fields of this specialty.  This membership category shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership in the Society except the right to vote or hold office.

International Membership in the SRS is open to international members of the ASRM with special interest and competency in reproductive surgery.  Special competency can be demonstrated by surgical case lists and/or publications.

Benefits of Membership: 

  • Postgraduate courses on endoscopic surgery 
  • Participation in a collaborative research project addressing surgical outcomes
  • Biannual issues of the SRS Newsletter
  • SRS Fellowship Programs in reproductive surgery

Dues for the Society are currently $75.00 per year and are billed along with ASRM dues.