Elevate Your Embryology Career Webinars

Know the Why?

Growing regulations and established SOP’s dictate how embryology laboratories function on a daily basis. As much as consistency is desired, there is inherent variation and nuances in each step of the IVF process that can alter the success of IVF outcomes. Thoughts, questioning, observation and discussion are powerful tools that Embryologists should be encouraged to use. It is through learning and building on the foundation of our historical past that true advancement will be made. The latter should not be dictated by commercial entities but should be predicated on the dedicated efforts of Embryology teams to improve what they do best...produce and preserve blastocyst!

Why Can’t I Say That? A Discussion of SART Advertising Guidelines with Dr. Eli Reshef

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and the Society of Reproductive Biologists & Technologists (SRBT) present a webinar with Dr. Eli Reshef. Dr. Reshef discusses recent updates and recommendations regarding SART advertising guidelines, the current work of the SART Advertising Committee, and additional policies that will enhance the clinic and patient experience.

Elevate Your Embryology Career to the Next Level with Guided Mentorship

Want to advance your embryology career? Let SRBT help you with our webinar series, Elevate your Embryology Career to the Next Level with Guided Mentorship. Learn how we did it and how you can too! Follow this monthly series and receive guidance from a mentor to help you stay on track and set goals to reach your top embryologist status.