Since its inception in 2010, the SRBT has become the vehicle by which ART laboratory professionals have maintained a presence and a voice in ASRM and in the field of human reproduction. Originating from a merger of laboratory technologist and reproductive biology professional groups, SRBT combines its members’ collective talents to push the field forward in the best interest of patients. SRBT member benefits include a member discount on the ASRM airLearning Embryology Certificate Course and free access to the results of a biennial salary survey.

Who typically joins?

Typical members of SRBT include scientists, laboratorians, lab directors, embryologists, andrologists, and researchers.

Here’s how to join:

If you’re already a member of ASRM, you may add SRBT when renewing your membership, or contact the ASRM Member Services department to create an invoice for you if you wish to join mid-cycle.
If you’re joining ASRM for the first time, you will have the opportunity to add SRBT at the time of joining.

Membership Dues

ASRM membership dues: $350/yr (doctoral membership); $150/year (non-doctoral membership)
SRBT dues: $50/year 

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