Officers and Directors




Kathleen Hwang, M.D.


R. Matt Coward, M.D.


Michael Eisenberg, M.D.


Past President 
Philip Li, M.D.


Immediate Past President
James Smith, M.D., M.S.


Aaron Spitz, MD – Vasectomy Institute

Director at Large
Aaron Spitz, M.D.


Director at Large
David Shin, M.D.


Director at Large
Joshua Halpern, M.D.


Director at Large
Ranjith Ramasamy, M.D.

SMRU Representatives to ASRM Committees 

Coding Committee
Thomas Masterson, M.D. (2023-2026)
Continuing Medical Education Committee Lawrence Jenkins, M.D. (2021-2024)
Membership Committee Omer Raheem, M.D. (2023-2026)
Education Committee David Shin M.D. (2022-2025)
Practice Committee  Cigdem 'Cori' Tanrikut, M.D. (2021-2024)
Patient Education Committee Jared Bieniek, M.D. (2023-2026)
Scientific Program Planning Committee R. Matt Coward, M.D. (2023-2024)

Dan H. Williams, M.D.
Dan H. Williams, M.D.
Dan H. Williams, M.D.