Message from President

Dear Fellow SMRU Members:


I hope you had an enjoyable and meaningful experience at this year’s ASRM Congress in Denver.

Although the weather was not particularly welcoming, the city, its citizens and the venue certainly were. One could not enter the convention center or the Mile High Ballroom without the cheery welcome of one of the many greeters distributed throughout the facility.

Paul Shin hosted what we hope will be our first annual Fellows-only symposium.  The Board reviewed this event and is committed to continuing and perhaps expanding it in future years. Peter will again chair this event and expand the participation of subject experts.  We have received valuable feedback that will be utilized to help improve what was a great inaugural event.

Many of the Board members and membership miss the rapid communication that Androlog provided.  The Board has decided to provide a new Androlog providing a forum to share knowledge and ask questions of other members of the SMRU.  I want to thank Matt Coward and Jim Hotaling for their efforts in exploring and creating a new platform for us. We have decided to launch a new version of Androlog on a platform called Slack.  Slack is a mobile-based platform which is a business messaging app that is very easy to use and easily accessible on our phones or with a web interface for those who prefer computer access. You can create an account through the web by using the link below.  Once you create an account, you can download the app through the iOS or android app store by searching “slack”, then put in your login and password to begin using the app.  After the simple sign-up process, fill out your profile and then browse the threads or create a new one. 

The app functions like a chatroom with distinct, searchable threads.  We hope everyone is able to connect and start to contribute.  Our hope is to have active, ongoing, thoughtful discussions like we had in the past with the original Androlog.

Below is a link providing a tutorial on how to use the app:

"Getting Started for New Members"

This is already available to members. Please sign up and access it frequently.  Your participation is essential to assuring a vibrant communication tool.

We also have decided that in the future the business meeting will be folded into the SMRU banquet that occurs on Monday evening during of annual Congress.  This will assure that the largest number of members possible are in attendance.  The business meeting will be a brief informative meeting with relevant supporting documents posted on line.  Additionally, folding it into the banquet will no longer unnecessarily extend afternoon business meetings, freeing time and giving the membership greater flexibility.

We all owe Cori Tanrikut a debt of gratitude for her service over the last year. In spite of her move from Boston to Washington, she did not miss a beat and kept a steady hand on the tiller of the organization.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge and thank the Board members who have served their terms on the Board: Dan Williams, Past-President and Stan Honig, three-year Member at Large.

We will be convening a nomination committee shortly and look forward to submitting names for Board membership for your consideration.  Natan Bar-Chama, our 2019 program chair, is actively planning for our next meeting which will be held October 12-16 in Philadelphia.

I thank you for the opportunity to work with all of you and look forward to a year of progress.


Harris M. Nagler, M.D.

SMRU President 2018-2019