Message from President

Message from President Stanton Honig, MD

Dear SMRU Members,

Here’s to hoping that 2021 will be a great year for all!  I think I speak for many when I say I look forward to returning to in-person meetings and exchange of information.

Thank you to Dr. Bar Chama for leading us through the challenges of the pandemic. He was and continues to be the SMRU representative to the ASRM Covid Task Force. Philip Li with the assistance of Matt Coward has put together a great program for the “in person SMRU part of the Annual ASRM meeting next October in Baltimore, MD. 

With new leadership at the ASRM, Dr. Ricardo Aziz has showed a strong interest in the inclusion of “Male Factor Infertility” in the overall plans of ASRM. I look at this as an opportunity to partner with other affiliated societies to share our knowledge and expertise at a national level.

We now have a presence on the executive board of SART. Joe Alukal will represent us here and has already raised the level of SMRU’s involvement with the SART group. 

All of us on the board appreciate your membership and encourage you to get involved in a volunteer capacity. Here are the important initiatives that we have planned for this year:

-Direct to Consumer Patient information for Male Factor Infertility:PODCASTS, Webinars etc

-Interactions between SMRU and other Affiliate Societies including SART, SREI, SRB, Mental Health etc 

-Updated ASRM/AUA Guidelines for Male Infertility – We would like to share this guideline with our Reproductive Endocrinology Colleagues across ASRM and the world.

-Building a better SMRU website/social media presence; together with SSMR, we are the leading source of patient information and expertise. WE ARE LOOKING FOR TECH SAVVY MEMBERS TO HELP OUT AND IMPROVE THE WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE FOR PATIENTS ACCESS AND INFORMATION.

This is YOUR Society!  Please reach out to me if you have specific ideas on how to improve Male Reproductive Presence nationally and internationally! We are looking for novel thoughts and ideas. I look forward to hearing yours.

Looking forward to a great year!


Stanton Honig MD
SMRU President 2020-2021

Stan Honig_2021