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Bergman, Kim; illustratedby Irit Pollak (2019). You Began as a Wish. This book is helps parents tell the story of donor conception and/or surrogacy to their children with simple, easy to understand language. 

Eichberg, Carrie (2017) Building My Family: A Story of Egg Donation and Surrogacy
 This book is aimed at heterosexual couples wanting to explain to their children their birth story.  It is for children born through both surrogacy and egg donation.

Hall, Michael, Red: A Crayon’s Story It is the story of a red crayon who tries to remain red but really wants to be blue. The story can be read on many levels but is ultimately about having the courage to be true to your inner self even when obstacles come your way.  Greenwillow Books, 2015.


Herthel, Jessica, &Jennings, & McNicholas, Shelagh, I am Jazz, This book is based on the true life story of a little girl named Jazz. The story is told by Jazz herself on her real life experience of knowing from the time that she was small that she had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body. The story is told simply. Jazz with the help of her parents and a doctor that diagnosed Jazz as transgender, Jazz is able to help her and all around her help Jazz be the person that she was meant to be. (Ages 4-10) Dial Books for Young Readers a division of Penguin Random House, 2014.


Stamm, Linda, and Stamato, Fatima, Illustrator, Family Stew, Two moms use a sperm donor to build their family, Self-published, June 2016.


Nelson, Frankie, Barone, BJ, and Donsky, Debbie, Milo’s Adventure, A story of how two Dads became a family thru surrogacy, CreateSpace, June 2016.


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