LPG Bylaws

A Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)



Section 1. Name

This Professional Group shall be known as the Legal Professional Group (LPG), a Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Section 2. Purpose

1. The purpose of the Legal Professional Group is to work collaboratively with ASRM members to raise awareness of, and to clarify the legal issues surrounding, assisted reproductive technologies. The LPG’s mission is to promote ethical legal policies, practices, and protections for ART families, third party collaborators and providers. It also seeks to broaden access to health care for those affected by infertility, reproductive or genetic disorders, and other challenges to their family building goals. Through advocacy and education, the LPG strives to enhance and contribute to the development of sound law and ethical legal practice in this evolving field



Section 1 Membership Qualifications

Full membership is extended to ALL current active members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (“the Society” or “ASRM”) who are interested in fostering the goals of the ASRM and the LPG. Members may attend all general meetings, vote, chair LPG subcommittees, or join a subcommittee. Members may be invited to represent the LPG on ASRM committees.

Section 2 Application for Membership

Application for membership may be made by submission of an application in writing to the ASRM on the form provided by the Society or Membership Committee and payment of the Society's and the LPG’s annual dues upon notification of membership approval. Application for membership may also be submitted online at www.asrm.org

Section 3. Revocation of Membership

The LPG Executive Board, through the ASRM Board of Directors, shall have the power to issue a warning, censure, suspend for a stated period of time, or expel a member for failure to maintain the requirements for membership, for ethical violations, or for any other cause, which in its judgment, shall be deemed sufficient. Disciplinary actions shall be decided according to procedures established by the ASRM bylaws.



Section 1. Annual Dues

Payment of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's annual dues and LPG’s annual dues constitutes membership in the LPG as well as provides the overall benefits of being a member of the ASRM, including the right to vote, hold office, receive all official publications of the LPG and ASRM, and receive other benefits of membership.

Section 2. Perquisites

Payment of the annual ASRM and LPG’s dues entitles LPG members to vote, receive any free newsletters of the LPG, and annual subscription to the official journal of ASRM and the ASRM publications, and receive other benefits of membership.

Section 3. Default of Payment

Any member in default of payment of the ASRM annual dues, except in case of waiver by the ASRM Executive Director, shall be suspended from all privileges of membership. If such default is not corrected within sixty days after due notice from ASRM, the membership of such members shall be revoked.



Section 1. Officers

The Officers of the LPG shall be Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past Chair, Past Chair, and Member-at-Large. Collectively, the Officers shall constitute the Executive Board. The Chair-Elect, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer will automatically rotate to the next position in the order noted above the following year. The Member-At-Large shall serve for a one-year term. The Chair shall remain an Officer of the Executive Board for two terms after chairmanship as noted herein, thereby potentially holding a position on the Executive Board for a minimum a total of six years. Officers shall be elected by and from the active membership. The number of offices may be increased or decreased by an amendment to these Bylaws, except that the Officers currently serving in their offices will complete their terms before the amended changes are executed.

Section 2. Nomination and Election

a. First year of formal operation

In order to facilitate the timely business of the LPG, for the first year of formal implementation, an Officer shall be elected to fill each position of the Executive Board, that is, to assume the position of Secretary for one year, Vice-Chair for one year, Chair-Elect for one year, and Chair for one year. The Chair will also serve, the following year, as Immediate Past-Chair, and the following year, as Past-Chair. Nominations shall be made by the nominating committee, which shall consist of the “Executive Formation Committee” for the first year. The election will be held prior to LPG Annual Members Meeting, so that the newly elected Officers may assume the position at the Annual Members Meeting held at the ASRM Annual Meeting. These four officers shall be known at the Executive Board in this interim year. As Officers rotate in future years into the Immediate and Past Chair positions, they will also be a part of the Executive Board.

b. Ongoing operation

1. The day-to-day affairs of the LPG shall be managed by the Executive Board.

2. Beginning with the first meeting subsequent to acceptance as a Professional Group within
ASRM, two Officers shall be elected annually. One shall be elected as Secretary/Treasurer, and another as Member-at-Large for a one-year term. The incumbent Secretary/Treasurer shall move into the Vice-Chair position for the following year. The Member-at-Large may nominate him/herself or be nominated for the then vacant Secretary/Treasurer position, or that position may be filled by a person duly nominated and elected from within the general membership. Nominations for office will be open to the general active LPG membership who has attended at least one ASRM annual meeting, and appropriate timing for nominations will be announced via the LPG Listserv. A ballot will be sent at least once by e-mail and at least 30 days prior to the annual ASRM meeting so that announcement and installation of newly elected Officers may be made at the annual LPG business meeting.


Section 1.General requirements of Executive Board members

Each Officer must make best efforts to attend the ASRM annual meeting every year that they are on the Board, and at a minimum must attend the ASRM annual meeting every other year while an Officer. Each Officer agrees to attend monthly board meetings, the annual Executive Board meeting, by conference call, Skype or in person, as scheduled by the Chair, and the annual ASRM professional group meeting as appropriate.

Section 2. Chair

The Chair shall be the principal executive officer of the LPG and shall in general supervise and
control all the administrative matters, business affairs of the organization, and serve as a primary
liaison between the Society at large and the LPG. The Chair shall implement policy as established by the Executive Board and the ASRM. The Chair shall preside at all general or specially-called meetings of LPG Executive Board and the annual meeting and execute all conveyance notes, contracts, or other instruments authorized by members; perform and discharge all duties incident to the office of the Chair; and perform other such duties that may arise from the Executive Board of the ASRM. The Chair shall edit and complete the final review of the LPG annual Newsletter. The Chair shall write the annual report of the LPG Executive Council submitted to its membership, the annual report to the ASRM Executive Director and Board of Directors, and meet with the Executive Board and incoming president of ASRM at the annual scientific meeting.

Section 3. Chair Elect

The Chair-Elect shall become familiar with the duties of the Chair and shall automatically succeed to the Chair's position at the conclusion of the Chair's term of office. In instances where
the Chair is not present or is not able to discharge his or her duties, the Chair-Elect shall perform the duties normally performed by the Chair. When so acting, the Chair-Elect shall have all the powers and be subject to all the restrictions of the Chair. The Chair-Elect shall assist the Chair as needed. The Chair-Elect will assist in the editing, production of, and the internal and external distribution of the LPG Newsletter, to be published once a year, together with the chair of the Electronics Communications Committee; and will regularly review the LPG web page of the ASRM website to coordinate additions, deletions and changes of information with ASRM website personnel. The Chair-Elect may meet with the Executive Board of ASRM and its incoming president at the annual scientific meeting.

Section 4. Vice Chair

The Vice Chair shall oversee the committee chairs and receive reports of those chairs in accordance with policies set by the Executive Board. The Vice Chair will serve as liaison between the membership and the Executive Board and will perform other duties as assigned by the Chair and/or Executive Board.

Section 5. Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer shall record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board, and distribute the minutes to the Executive Board. The Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain and archive the LPG treasury reports, as provided by the ASRM administrative liaison.

Section 6. Immediate Past Chair

The Immediate Past Chair (IPC) shall serve on the Program Committee and will serve as a liaison for the Program Committee to the Executive Board. The IPC shall serve as the Scientific Congress program chair. The IPC along with the Program Committee shall be responsible for developing educational activities for consideration by the ASRM Scientific Congress Program Committee for inclusion in the Scientific Congress program that is held one year following his/her term as Chair. The IPCs’s duties include serving on the extended ASRM Scientific Congress Program Committee and in conjunction with the Program Committee, suggesting topics and presenters for lectures, symposia, interactive sessions, pre-congress courses, and roundtables.

Section 7. Past Chair

The Past Chair will serve as the Bylaws Committee Chair, the Past Chair shall chair the Nominating Committee. As the Chair of the Nominating Committee, the Past Chair will work with the current Executive Board to develop a list of potential officers for the ballot to be distributed for the annual election of Officers.

Section 8. Member at Large

The Member-at-Large shall be a past Officer of a professional group of ASRM, and shall serve on the Executive Board in an advisory capacity for a one-year term.

Section 9: Inability of Officer to Fulfill Duties

Should any Officer of the Executive Board be unable to fulfill his or her enumerated duties, upon his or her voluntary resignation, or upon a vote of a majority of the remaining members of the Executive Board requesting the resignation of that Officer, the Officer shall resign, and a substitute shall be appointed per Section Article VI, Section 5.


Section 1. General Powers

The affairs of the LPG shall be managed by its Executive Board, made up of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past Chair, Past Chair and Member-at-Large.

Section 2. Regular Meetings

A regular meeting of the Executive Board shall be held without any other notice than these Bylaws during and at the same place as the ASRM annual meeting of the members. The Executive Board may provide, by resolution, the time and place for holding additional regular meetings without other notice than such resolution.

Section 3. Notice

Notice of any special meeting of the Executive Board shall be given at least one month previously thereto by written notice delivered personally, by email, or sent by mail or telegram to each officer at his/her address as shown by the records of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Any member of the Executive Board may waive the notice of any meeting.

Section 4. Quorum

A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board, but if less than a majority of the Board is present at any meeting, a majority of the Officers present may adjourn the meeting without further notice.

Section 5. Vacancies

Vacancies occurring in the elected offices of the LPG shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Board. Vacancies in the appointed offices of the LPG may be filled at the discretion of the Executive Board.


Section 1. Annual Meeting

An annual business meeting of the members shall be held during the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, at the location of said meeting of the Society. The agenda notice will include progress, future plans, and suggestions for the execution of the goals and objectives of the LPG as well as announcements of newly elected officers and appointed committee chairs.

Section 2. Informal Action by Members

Any action required by the Bylaws to be taken at a meeting of members, or any action that may be taken at a meeting of members, may be taken without a meeting if consent in majority vote, setting forth the action so taken, is signed by a majority of all members who return a request to vote with respect to the subject matter thereof.

Section 3. Quorum

The presence of 60 percent of those members in attendance and entitled to vote at any meeting of members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business at any meeting of members.

Section 4. Proxies

At any meeting of members, a member who is entitled to vote may vote by proxy executed in writing by the member or by his duly authorized attorney in fact. No proxy shall be valid after one month from the date of its execution, unless explicit authorization is provided in the proxy.

Section 5. Voting

At any meeting of members, every full member shall be entitled to vote in person. Except as otherwise provided by procedure, or these Bylaws, each full member of record shall be entitled to vote where officers are to be elected by members. Such election may be conducted by mail, email or in such manner as the Executive Board shall determine. Election of officers will be conducted by ballot. Each full member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters contained in a written ballot.


Section 1. Executive Board

The Executive Board serves as an advisory body to the Chair and as the governing body of the LPG. All actions implemented by the Executive Board will be presented at the next ASRM Board of Directors meeting following such action to be ratified or rescinded.

Section 2. Nominating Committee

The Immediate Past Chair of the Executive Board along with active members of the LPG, the number on the committee to be determined by the IPC, shall chair the Nominating Committee and shall work with the Executive Board to compile a list of potential officers and develop a ballot yearly.

Section 3. Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall consider and recommend any changes or amendments to the Bylaws that may be considered necessary or advisable. The Bylaws should be formally reviewed by the Committee every three years, with recommendation for no change or suggested changes submitted in writing to the Executive Board for consideration. The Past Chair shall be the chair of the Bylaws Committee for the two years immediately succeeding his/her term as Immediate Past Chair of the LPG.

Section 4. Electronics Communications Committee

The Electronic Communications Committee shall be responsible for producing the newsletter at least once a year, providing content direction for the LPG website and overseeing/promoting activity on the LPG Listserv. The Committee also oversees communications received from membership on the LPG website, and offers direction for the further development of the website.

Section 5. Pro Bono Committee

The Pro Bono Committee will identify charitable initiatives in ART, and provide such information as requested by LPG members or by another individual or entity.

Section 6. Program Committee

The chair of the Program Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board. The chair may choose to have a vice-chair whom he or she may appoint. Any vice-chair shall be approved by the Executive Board. The Program Committee shall develop suggested submissions for symposia, interactive sessions, roundtables and Pre-Congress courses, with input by and final approval of the Executive Board. The Scientific Congress program chair or the Program Committee Chair, as appropriate, shall submit topics developed by the Program Committee and approved by the Executive Board to ASRM for consideration in a timely fashion.
The Program Committee will promote and develop continuing educational opportunities and other initiatives as appropriate, together with the Executive Board.

The Program Committee will be responsible for nominating reviewers to the ASRM Abstract Review Committee for the purpose of reviewing abstracts with legal topics submitted for the ASRM Scientific Congress. The Program Committee will be responsible for promoting legal research.

Proposed guidelines will be subject to review and approval by the ASRM Practice Committee and ASRM Board of Directors.


Section 1. Bylaws

Any proposed amendments to the Bylaws, upon their approval by the Executive Board, shall be submitted to the ASRM Board for approval in accordance with ASRM rules. Once approved by ASRM, the Executive Board shall be responsible for implementation of the new Bylaws.