LPG Standing Committee Descriptions

Executive Board
The Executive Board serves as an advisory body to the Chair and as the governing body of the LPG. All actions to revise the Bylaws implemented by the Executive Board will be presented at the next ASRM Board of Directors meeting following such action to be ratified or rescinded.

Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee shall consider and recommend any changes or amendments to the Bylaws that may be considered necessary or advisable. The Bylaws should be formally reviewed by the Committee every three years, with recommendation for no change or suggested changes submitted in writing to the Executive Board for consideration. The Chair of the Bylaws Committee is appointed by the Executive Board or the LPG Chair.

Electronics Communications

The Electronic Communications Committee shall be responsible for providing content direction for the LPG website and overseeing/promoting activity on the LPG Listserv. 

Nominating Committee
The Past Chair of the Executive Board along with active members of the LPG, the number on the committee to be determined by the IPC, shall compile a slate of officers to be presented for a vote by the membership.

Program Committee

The chair of the Program Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board. The chair may choose to have a vice-chair whom the Program Committee Chair may appoint.  Any vice-chair shall be approved by the Executive Board. The Program Committee shall develop suggested submissions for symposia, interactive sessions, roundtables and Pre-Congress courses, with input by and final approval of the Executive Board.  The Scientific Congress program chair or the Program Committee Chair, as appropriate, shall submit topics developed by the Program Committee and approved by the Executive Board to ASRM for consideration in a timely fashion. Together with the Executive Board, the Program Committee will promote and develop continuing educational opportunities and other initiatives as appropriate.

The Program Committee will be responsible for nominating reviewers to the ASRM Abstract Review Committee.  At the direction of the ASRM Abstract Review Committee, the reviewers will analyze legal topic abstracts submitted for the ASRM Scientific Congress. The Program Committee will be responsible for promoting legal research.

Membership Outreach Committee

The Membership Outreach Committee shall be tasked with tracking LPG Membership needs and wants, and providing opportunities for member collaboration and engagement.