LPG Executive Board

Officers 2022-2023

Judith A. Hoechst, J.D.

Judith Hoechst, Chair Elect of the LPG. Graduate of Cleveland Marshall College of Law. Founder of the Law Office of Judith A. Hoechst, LLC, Family Formation and Reproductive Law in Littleton/Denver, Colorado. ASRM member since 2011.
Lila M Seif Sr., J.D.
Chair Elect

Lila M. Seif, Vice Chair of the LPG. Graduate of Southwestern University School of Law. Owner/Founder of New Family Fertility Law, APC, a fertility law firm in Glendale, California. ASRM member since 2015.
Dena Levy, J.D.
Vice Chair

Dena I. Levy, Esq.: Secretary/Treasurer of the LPG. Graduate of Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law and owner/founder of Levy Law Solutions, located in Skokie, Illinois.  ASRM member since 2011.
Jennifer Maas, J.D.
Nidhi Desai, J.D.

Nidhi Desai, LPG Member-At-Large. Graduate of Loyola University Chicago. Partner of Desai & Miller, A Family Building Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois. ASRM member for over 20 years.

Amani Hanson, J.D.
Immediate Past Chair 

Amani Hanson, Chair of the LPG. Graduate of Rutgers School of Law – Camden. Founder of Hanson Reproductive Law. ASRM member since 2015.
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Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt, J.D.
Past Chair

Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt, Esq., Immediate Past Chair of the LPG. Graduate of California Western School of Law, and attorney at Kunin Law Group, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


LPG Past Chairpersons


2009-2010 Margaret "Peggy" Swain
2010-2011 Nidhi Desai
2011-2012 Susan Crockin
2012-2013 Lisa Rinehart
2013-2014 Meryl Rosenberg
2014-2015 Stephanie Caballero
2015-2016 Michelle Keeyes
2016-2017 Michelle Keeyes
2017-2018 Heather Ross
2018-2019 Molly O'Brien
2019-2020 Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt
2020-2021 Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt
2021-2022 Amani Hanson