Research Priorities

The ASRM Research Institute will focus its support on those research areas that would have an impact on the practice of reproductive medicine with priority on initiatives:

  • not fundable by current NIH or other federal or state guidelines
  • answering timely, basic or clinically relevant questions
  • addressing other ASRM strategic initiatives important to the field and to the membership

The two overarching themes that encompass this priority are: 1.The effects of the genome, epigenome and the environment on fertility, human development and reproductive health and 2. Access to reproductive care. These themes fall under the following general areas of research:

  • Genetic and epigenetic pre-pregnancy and peri-conceptional considerations involving
    • human gametes
    • human embryos
    • uterus
  • Basic and clinical considerations relevant to the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD)
  • The environment (in vivo and in vitro) and its effects on reproduction and reproductive health
  • Access to reproductive care

Priority will be given to basic research, applied clinical research, support of researchers, and collaborative research initiatives.